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The S’Expert

Released April 2017

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About ‘The S’expert’

“The best night of sex ever! Is that too much to ask?” Mandy ponders to herself in a crowded inner-city pub.

Apparently not.

At least not when a sexy stranger issues a challenge you’re hard-pressed to resist!

Meet Maurie, a dirty-talking alpha with hot, dirty sex on his mind. Fall in love with Mandy as she falls head over heels for “The S’expert” in an astounding, soul-searing, pants-saturating, life-affirming spectacle.

Purchase ‘The S’expert’

How Did this Story Come About?

I was in bed sick with the flu, and I’d been writing a steamy story to feel productive and pass the time.  I was just reading over it before publishing when I decided it needed three short paragraphs towards the start to describe how the couple in the story met.  72 hours later I discarded the original story, because those “3 short paragraphs” had metamorphosed into 26,000 words that were way hotter and more meaningful than the original story I’d started with.  I LOVED these two characters.  They dictated the story to me.  It came out incredibly fast.  They took me on their journey with them, and it was all I could do to get the words down quick enough!

Purchase ‘The S’expert’


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