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Hello. I’m Evie. I live in a sleepy seaside community in coastal Australia in an old house where I can walk to the beach. I write (hopefully) scorching-hot ‘intelligent’ erotic romance which I call ‘smut for smarties’. It’s written to be hot enough to melt the pants off a popsicle and brimming with sumptuous new-angled description of the oldest past-time in the world. I like bright, kickass (though sometimes flawed) cinderellas and handsome princes who ultimately find their Happily Ever Afters. Find me on facebook @evieblissauthor. Let me know what you think of my work or what you’d like to see read more of. I love to hear what works (and what didn’t work) in what I’ve written. And remember – reviews are like gold to authors!
PLEASE, review my work – even just a couple of words. I’d be so grateful.
Happy reading! Love and hugs, Evie.